Hello, I’m Paul Edwards.

I have been engaged in the Canadian healthcare scene since 1991. Through work with a niche market start-up, Essex Medical, followed by 23 years with a global player, Air Liquide Healthcare, I’ve enjoyed a wonderful diversity of learnings through interactions with public and private payors, acute care hospitals, long term care organizations, private surgical centres, physicians of all stripes, medical device manufacturers, industry associations, and most importantly, the patients served by these healthcare stakeholders.

Through it all I have developed a deep belief that our healthcare system must transform from evidence based sick care to intelligence based health care and wellness.

I believe the transformation will thrive on value based healthcare as the foundational principle for reassembling today’s fragmented systems, and that ultimately, all roads lead to the home, where prevention must be practiced and a growing level of diagnostic work and sick care will be delivered.  I am convinced the most powerful transformation catalysts are individual behaviour and technology, invented, embraced, and practiced by the greatest healthcare providers of all time, ourselves!

Our health systems are governed by policies and standards, both of which I aim to help transform through collaborations geared at improving patient experience and outcomes while elevating caregiver experience and driving economic benefit.

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